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Name:Johnny Cage
Location:United States of America
Character name: Johnny Cage

Canon: Mortal Kombat X
Canon Point: Mortal Kombat X(L), after the prologue bit where they imprison Shinnok but before the actual events of the game actually start.

Age: Early 30's

Appearance: Oh, Johnny has a tattoo: his first name right across his chest. However, that is only noticeable if he has no shirt on, or something that covers less than a t-shirt would. Easier to see is the fact that Johnny is quite handsome and fit, as a fighter and action star should be.

Fit, that is. Being handsome is just icing on the sweet cake that is Johnny Cage. Throw in a charming smile full of pearly whites and his nearly ever-present shades, and you got Johnny in a nutshell looks wise. Looks damn fine in a suit.


Since I've taken him from some point after the prologue of MKX but before the events of the game some 20-somethin years after, I would add that he's being pulled from just a couple years after the prologue so for him he's still with Sonya, married, and have had their daughter Cassie.

Personality: Subtlety, mystique, seriousness. None of these words describe John Carlton, better known as Johnny Cage. Quick to try and lighten the mood with a quip, it can be easy to mistake Johnny as nothing more than a fool. He can even be considered annoying. What you couldn't call him is fake: even when he is joking he is straightforward and has moments where he is shown to be quite earnest when certain people are involved. Not bad for an actor.

Yet his frequent joking could be seen as a sort of weakness in that Johnny also has a tendency to not take most things too serious. This can put him at odds with many people, intentional or not. He might not shut up when it's time to put up, but when it truly is go time, Johnny does just that. The martial artist/actor/movie star/amazing humanitarian cares for his Realm, his comrades, and his family. Threatening them (especially his family) is a good way to tap into Johnny's strengths: his love and loyalty for those that deserve it or tolerate him enough to have earned it, his willingness to protect them above his own self, and the courage to stand up for them and what he believes in.

Johnny is not afraid of much, at least not seriously. He does not want to die, sure, but if it meant defending his loved ones and to a lesser extent the Realm, Cage would not hesitate to go down fighting for them. His greatest fear is easily losing his wife and child, Sonya and Cassie. Harming them is another great way to tap into Johnny's aforementioned strengths. As an actor and celebrity, Johnny has kept himself fairly distant from just about everyone so when he finds something worth fighting for, worth dying for?

He will do just that.


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